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Civilize the mind but make savage the body Hey, my names Sean, just another 21 year old tryin to figure myself out and overcome my lazy tendencies. I am a martial artist, I love philosphy and other things. Fan of The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Vikings, Supernatural and some other shows. I don't even know what this blog is. I mostly reblog a variety of shit. I like having a collection of pictures and things that remind me of the things I want in life.

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Reason why I hate cats. They’re so scary.

  #Reasons why I haies #they do mes the pet


All the fucking time. People have their pets euthay did something to their kid who fuem or pulled on their tail or got in their fathing. Here’s a better idea: WACKING KID WHEN THEY’RE AROUND Aanks.

^^boldedBut this? Well, tarn, isn’t it?they do bet bad shit happenack.I’ll bet that littln’t touch the n right?
and OP is a fuckiing to blame the ending itself when the kid SMACKET IN THE HEAD.
ThURTS for a little cat. I’d lack too.


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Reason why I hate cats. They’re so scary.


All the fucking time. People have their pets euthay did something to their kid who fuem or pulled on their tail or got in their fathing. Here’s a better idea: WACKING KID WHEN THEY’RE AROUND Aanks.


But this? Well, tarn, isn’t it?

they do bet bad shit happenack.

I’ll bet that littln’t touch the n right?

and OP is a fuckiing to blame the ending itself when the kid SMACKET IN THE HEAD.

ThURTS for a little cat. I’d lack too.



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do you ever feel like there’s just so many pretty girls but most dudes are just subpar like there are radiant goddesses everywhere and just piles and piles of guys in backwards baseball caps and sandals

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Online image search tool and Chrome extension that claims to locate US sex offenders in it’s database with facial recognition analysis:

This Free online safety tool uses Facial Recognition to scan photos of Potential Dates, Coaches, Teachers and more… Check them all with CreepFace instantly!

Just Right Click and Select “Scan with CreepFace” to check any online photo against 475,000 Registered Sex Offenders in the U.S.

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Keep all the girls safe!
And stay safe girlies.

Reblog constantly!

Hell, keep everyone safe. Not just girls. Girls, boys, women, men, anyone else. Sex offenders can attack anyone. This is important.

Cuz important.

Black Belt Magazine

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Myths and Misconceptions

10 Tall Tales of the Martial Arts Debunked!
by Jonathan Maberry

A Black Belt Is a Master
Not even close. A first-degree black belt is an advanced beginner. The belt signifies his passage from the ranks of those who are still learning to the ranks of those who’ve learned how to learn. That’s a significant difference.

The transition from white belt to black belt has less to do with techniques than with learning the methodology and procedures necessary to think like a martial artist. A black belt should be able to grasp the concepts on which the arts are based, which is far more important than his ability to perform any technique. There’s a saying about human survival: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and you feed him for life. This is similar to the climb from colored belt to black belt: The black belt has learned how to learn and therefore becomes more proactive in his own education.

Does this mean he’s an expert? Well, my colleagues in the martial arts are evenly split on that point. One point of view is: Yes, a first-degree black belt is an expert on the basic gross motor skills necessary to perform martial arts moves. The other is: No, a first-degree black belt is not an expert but an advanced beginner who’s just grasping the concepts he’ll need to become an expert within a few years.

Most of the traditional instructors I know maintain that a person becomes a true expert by the time he reaches third degree, which is for many arts the point at which a person can begin teaching.

These days, first- and second-degree black belts are often assigned to teach, and many are even called sensei. This marketing tactic confuses the issue, especially when younger students learn to equate anyone with a black belt with instructor-level expertise.
I really like the idea of defining a first-degree black belt as an “advanced beginner”.  I read this article shortly before my test, and the truth of it resonates now that I’ve passed.

Very true. Attaining a black belt means nothing more than the fact that you know the basics.

This is why I find it ridiculous when people talk about being black belts, but “retiring”. Like there’s an end to it all.

You don’t retire from martial arts. It isn’t a job or a career; it’s a lifestyle.

^ Exactly

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"Religion is cultural mythology. Spirituality is self-awareness. The two have nothing in common."

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"What's the best way of explaining martial arts to someone who is ignorant of them? My cousin once asked me "What's the difference between tai chi and taekwondo, aren't they all the same thing?" I told him what I knew from studying both martial arts, but he seemed like he still didn't quite understand."

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This may sound a little pretentious but I explain martial arts as I would languages. Take French and English. They’re two languages. Languages with many variations on accents and dialect.
Well, martial arts is the same except it’s the language of the body (or the language of combat if you prefer). Different martial arts are different languages. So while English people say “Yes” and French people say “Oui,” they’re essentially saying the same thing. It’s the same with styles of fighting.

All martial arts aim for beating an opponent or defending yourself. They just do it different ways, with many different physical dialects.
What martial arts practitioners typically want is to become fluent in their chosen “language.” A Wing Chun practitioner will learn the fundamentals, then the advanced concepts and, eventually, will be able to utilize that style in any situation. Again, just like language.

The term “martial arts” is just an umbrella under which many fighting styles exist.
Some languages communicate better than others. Some are vastly different. It’s the same with fighting styles. Each one usually has its own attitude towards combat. Saying “a punch is a punch” doesn’t exist in martial arts as a punch isn’t a punch. It’s what that language…that martial art…says a punch is. A Wing Chun punch is not a Choy Li Fut punch.
It’s just about keeping it simple. There’s different ways of fighting and those different ways basically fall under the “martial arts” tag.
Unfortunately, you can’t differentiate between specific styles without going into detail.

"Most people seem, owing to ambition, to wish to be loved rather than to love; which is why most men love flattery; for the flatterer is a friend in an inferior position, or pretends to be such and to love more than he is loved; and being loved seems to be akin to being honoured, and this is what most people aim at. But it seems to be not for its own sake that people choose honour, but incidentally. For most people enjoy being honoured by those in positions of authority because of their hopes (for they think that if they want anything they will get it from them; and therefore they delight in honour as a token of favour to come); while those who desire honour from good men, and men who know, are aiming at confirming their own opinion of themselves; they delight in honour, therefore, because they believe in their own goodness on the strength of the judgement of those who speak about them. In being loved, on the other hand, people delight for its own sake; whence it would seem to be better than being honoured, and friendship to be desirable in itself. … Now since friendship depends more on loving, and it is those who love their friends that are praised, loving seems to be the characteristic virtue of friends, so that it is only those in whom this is found in due measure that are lasting friends, and only their friendship that endures."

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Aristotle, Book 8, Ethics (via swoleinvelvet)

"Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence. True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation."

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